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Animal studies are always used alongside other types of research such as cell cultures, computer modelling and human clinical trials. Although researchers have depended on animal test data to achieve medical advances, there should be other means of research because testing on animals is cruel, inhumane, and often unnecessary.

Winners will be notified on or after May 3, Therefore, rights are necessarily human and their possessors are persons, human beings. This philosophical essay briefly presents his views. The reason that some medicines do not make it to market is that despite passing tests in animals they then fail in humans.

They are crucial for allowing scientists to learn more about human biology and health, and for developing new medicines. In conducting research on animal subjects, we do not violate their rights, because they have none to violate. Rights arise and can be defended only among beings who actually do or can make moral claims against one another.

Explore the biomedical research process, including the role of animals in research, and how it leads to new medical treatments and cures. Without our lab creatures; our medicines, cosmetics and food would not be tested and might not be safe for our use and consumption.

Animals feel pain and fear just as we do. Discover the connection between biomedical research, animal research, and your life!

How has biomedical research affected the health of your dog, cat, or other pet?

Essay: Medical Testing On Animals

The harm done to human beings by not experimenting on animals is unknown, whereas the harm done to animals if they are tested on is certain. Extensive literature searches, for instance, can ensure that experiments are not unnecessarily replicated and can ensure that animal models are only used to obtain information not already available in the scientific community.

Every disease eliminated, every vaccine developed, every method of pain relief devised, every surgical procedure invented, every prosthetic device implanted — virtually every modern medical therapy is due, in part or in whole, to experimentation using animals. However, we look upon past examples of this behavior as morally condemnable.

Medical Research On Animals

To stop animal research would also be unethical as it would dramatically affect the development of new knowledge and flow of treatments to those with health conditions who desperately need them. They are in this sense, self-legislative, and are members of communities governed by moral rules and do possess rights.

This helps to reduce side effects and human fatalities.

Should animals be used in research?

Through testing on animals we are able to ensure any risks of a drug are identified and minimised before it is tested on humans during clinical trials. It is expensive to use model organisms as the animals must be purchased and then fed, housed and cared for. Be sure to consider the wide range of topics available including human and veterinary treatments.Biomedical research on animals Essays: OverBiomedical research on animals Essays, Biomedical research on animals Term Papers, Biomedical research on animals Research Paper, Book Reports.

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Investigate the process of biomedical research, including the role of animals in that research, that leads to the development of new treatments and cures. Talking Point on the use of animals in scientific research Bernard E Rollin 1 (Author photo) 1 Bernard E. Rollin is Professor of Philosophy, Professor of Animal Sciences, Professor of Biomedical Sciences and a bioethicist at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, USA.

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Animal Testing Essay

The Draize test, which involves testing the acute acidity of cosmetics and household products on rabbits’ eyes, and the LD50, in which the toxicity of a substance by determining the dose required to kill fifty percent of the test group within fourteen days, however, are merely two example of the cruelty experienced by animals in biomedical research laboratories.

Essay on Use of Animals in Biomedical Research Words 9 Pages The issue of human morality has always been widely controversial and vitally important; it is our anchor that we use to define the humane yet we cannot agree on its dimensions.

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