A literary analysis of the sky is gray by ernest j gaines

Dianne Saulney [1] Ernest James Gaines born January 15, is an African-American author whose works have been taught in college classrooms and translated into many languages, including French, Spanish, German, Russian and Chinese.

Gaines burned the manuscript, but later rewrote it to become his first published novel, Catherine Carmier.

The Sky Is Gray Analysis

Gaines then spent three years at St. Georgia University Press, First of all, we should admit that it is a historically and sociologically accurate portrayal.

This can be seen in her interaction with the White couple at the end of the story. A fifth-generation descendant of plantation slaves, he grew up on the River Lake plantation in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana, where he set most of his fiction. The distinction his mother makes between men and bums is both subtle and significant: This section contains words approx.

This time the trial is so severe that the verbal command is ineffectual: By forcing James to sublimate his emotions and accept them as signs of human weakness, she fails to provide him with a means of dealing with the emotional responses of others in a way consistent with her philosophy.

His feelings of isolation are clearly illustrated in his conversation with a woman who attempts to take his side in the disagreement. The first thing that James learns is to rein in his potential visuality—to accept verbal blinders for his eyes: Emotionally, James did not want to kill his pets, but Octavia, who is rational, knows that it is more important that the family have protein than pets.

As they walk the streets of Bayonne, his mother conveys to him — nearly without words — how to act so as to defer to the Jim Crow system and at the same time stand up straight and proudly in the face of it. In physical terms, there is motion from one pole to its opposite: Another waltz ensues over the issue of whether to accept a large slab of salt meat worth far more than the 'two bits' Octavia has to pay for it; only when the woman cuts the appropriate amount will Octavia accept it.

If that is the reading one chooses, the more important, more striking, more interesting story disappears, while James and his mother become nothing more than sympathetic but uninteresting racial stereotypes about the lives of poor blacks long ago.

Sometimes it just hurt, hurt, hurt. An Analysis of Ernest J. One of the themes of the story is that it is important for African Americans to act rationally, not emotionally, if they wish to get ahead. James and his mother, Octavia, set out for the town near them, take the bus so that the boy can have a tooth pulled.

The report concluded that the best way to help Black Americans get ahead was to create laws and structures which promoted a two parent family. A conversation occurs in the dentist's office between a preacher who believes that one must accept one's lot in life without questioning God's will, and a young black student who believes people must 'question everything.

Though her family is clearly poor, it is evident that they have learned to function within the constraints of their poverty. On the other hand, the student maintains a defensible position, but his egotistical stance exposes his feelings of alienation from his community.

The stereotype of the Black woman or Black mother as masculine is one that has been corrupted and co-opted quite a bit since this story was published.

The Sky Is Gray Analysis

For more resources, visit the Ernest J. I had no idea at the time that I would go on to become a scholar of southern literature or to write A Southern Weave of Women: Human existence does not lend itself to such neat categorizing.

A fifth-generation descendant of plantation slaves, he grew up on the River Lake plantation in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana, where he set most of his fiction. Gaines in much of his fiction. Why does he later say that grass is black? However, because she never explains her motives to him, she presents James with a world filled with extremes which endangers his realization of the manhood she attempts to force prematurely on him.

As they leave the store, James tries to turn his coat collar up against the biting wind and his mother tells him to wear it properly. Gaines has been a MacArthur Foundation fellow, awarded the National Humanities Medaland inducted into the Fren was among the fifth generation of his sharecropper family to be born on a plantation in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana.

Just as the clouds clear after a storm, James finds out on his trip to Bayonne that the stormy clouds that are his life are parting to let some sunshine through.

Ernest Gaines: “The Sky Is Gray”

The greatest advantage of an episodic form is that it allows the author to follow the protagonist, or main character, from one important event to another without recording all the unimportant events in between.

Critical Reflections on the Fiction of Ernest J.In the short story The Sky is Gray, Ernest J. Gaines shows the struggles, inflicted by poverty, in an eight-year-old boys life.

This poor, Negro boy, James, lives with his. Ernest J. Gaines is a master of the dialect of his home region of southern Louisiana, and he uses this skill to good advantage in “The Sky Is Gray.” His use of the point of view and language.

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Get started now! "The Sky Is Gray" by Ernest J. Gaines and "Almos' A Man" by Richard Wright, the two main characters display different levels of maturity.

In "The Sky Is Gray" Gaines shows how poverty has caused James's maturity to grow, while in "Almos' A Man" Wright shows how Dave tries to prove his maturity by purchasing a gun.

Gaines published “The Sky Is Gray” in when he was thirty and then included it in his visit the Ernest J. Gaines Center at the University of.

The Sky is Gray

The Sky is Gray Ernest Gaines Essays - Critical Analysis of the Story The Sky is Gray by Ernest Gaines.

A literary analysis of the sky is gray by ernest j gaines
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