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Differing AttitudesToward Technology in the Han and Roman Empires

Throughout the entire excerpt he continually praises the aqueducts of the Roman society doc. PowerPoint lecture on the Mongols 2. Aflac is available to individuals to purchase on their own, but it is often offered by employers to employees during periods of "open enrollment" for group major medical coverage.

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In the Han Empire, some believed that technology was an essential part of an empire and requires governing intervention, while others thought it was simply a fall in that comes from enlightened leadership.

What is shown in these documents is that the Han and Romans have different values placed on technology, but also shows how they view the craftsmen and the people that may benefit from the technologies.

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Jack Weatherford on sourcing the Mongols read this closely, put in the front portion of your notebook with your other DBQ stuffand write your next reflection on it. Discussion of Chapter 7.

Attitude Towards Technology DBQ

These documents provide a wide variety of opinions and aid in stating that this thesis is correct. This shows that he matte up it was important for the government to have some control, and to have people who knew what they were doing in charge.

DBQ Han and Roman technology

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They finally came to realize the great benefit of their advancements and to appreciate what they have been able to accomplish. I used Ms Word when creating my document because it is easier to insert tables. Huan Guan takes pride in the technology and feels that the government is not utilizing it proper and feels that the technology is going to waste.

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However, it seems that later in AD, Han governor Tu Shih invented a water-powered blowing-engine to cast iron tools. While both appreciated advancements in water technology, the Romans concentrated more intently on mathematical and scientific advancements, looking down upon the laboring tools-related inventions that were appreciated by the Hans.

There are typically seven… DBQ on differences in Han and Roman attitudes towards technology The Chinese attitude towards technology was that it should be useful to and help the common people. However, the reason why state involvement worked for Rome and not Han China is because of incentive.

Document seven suggests craftsmen did something that anybody could have done and does not really respect them. Granted they had the right to be up in arms about the desecration of the tools and different technologies made by the state. If you wish to use other information you have researched beyond the course materials: In this case the Han were trying to prevent flood and had walls canals and pools.

Even this shows Roman pride. Why purchase health insurance? Altogether, a common negative theme in both the Han and Roman societies is prominent towards technology.

It explains that Tu Shih invented a water-powered blowing-engine that allowed people to benefit from little labor doc. Huan Guan, another government official, in document 2 stated that, Now that the state has monopolized the salt and iron trades, to the highest degree of the tools provided to the workers are hard and brittle and the responsible government officials are often not available to take complaints.

I state a brief summary explaining why it is important for the candidate to meet all the criteria the document is asking for. One additional document that might have been helpful in this fiber would be an account of a worker and his opinions The next example of this positive reaction to technology is found in a passage of the History of the Early Han Dynasty.

There are many different genres of… Storing And Retrieving Information Explain the purpose of storing and retrieving information The purpose of storing and retrieving required information is so you can readily retrieve it when it becomes required.agronumericus.com Han and Rome DBQ Han and Roman attitudes towards technology both changed over time for the better.

The Han attitude toward manufacturing and labor of technology was more open and positive than the Romans, which had a more organized and class divided society.

DBQ: Han and Roman Attitudes Toward Technology. Note to teachers: This Annotated Rubric is specifically designed for the College Board’s. Han China and the Roman Empire’s Attitude Towards Technology During the classical era between B.C.E to C.E., Han China and the Imperial Roman Empire both experienced a golden age, where their economy, culture, and technology.

The Han and Roman were similar, and different in ideas, techniques, and technological advances. The attitudes and responses shown towards technological advances, were the sought and need in hopes of empire longevity, praise and self-glorifying of successes that arise from technological advancements.

AP WORLD HISTORY – RELEASED EXAM QUESTIONS Year DBQ CCOT C&C Compare Muslim vs. Christian attitudes toward commerce over time Relationship to global trade patterns, present. Choose any two: Analyze Han and Roman attitudes toward technology Analyze major. to the third century C. E. the Han and Roman attitudes toward technology were different in how they took pride in some of their inventions with the Han accepting the role of the craftsmen and their technology they created showed in documents

2007dbq han and roman attitudes toward
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